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Fish, Ponds, Reptiles, Chickens, Animals, Cats, Dogs...

We've got it all covered!
As niche categories, our websites offer real targeted advertising.
Combine this with our low pricing, and our advertising can’t be beaten.

We have the audience
The Internet is the first 'go-to' place for information seekers and we aim to run the best websites for pet care information.

And our audience is growing
We already have more readers than most
pet magazines, but we are still
on target to double our
pageviews over the
next 12 months!


Think Fish is currently our only 'mature' site, the rest of our sites were launched late 2013. We will publish traffic stats for all our sites once they reach over 1000 daily visits.

SiteSeptember 2013October 2013November 2013
Think Fish 38,350 Visits
146,769 Page Views
39,299 Visits
146,085 Page Views
37,450 Visits
136,957 Page Views